Fosscord is still a work in progress. If you're an advanced user, read the Documentation for a guide on how to get started.


For better and secure communication

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What is Fosscord?

Fosscord is a Discord server reimplementation and extension.

Essentially, we provide all the functions and services that Discord does, which allows software built for Discord such as clients, bots, and other applications to work seemlessly with Fosscord. We also implement custom server features to enhance the experience and provide additional functionality.

What this means for you is that you can continue to use the programs you're already familiar with, all while using a safe, privacy focused platform to chat with friends which you control.

It does not mean that users of Fosscord can interact with users of Discord. We are entirely separate platforms, and your Fosscord account cannot be used to interact with Discord. In the future, we hope to develop our own clients and tools to allow you to use multiple accounts at the same time, but this is not yet being worked on.


Free and Open Source

We believe the best way to make software is through easy and open public contribution. Fosscord is 100% open source, and is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0



Fosscord has a large number of configurable values to determine every aspect of how your instance operates. If an option you need doesn't exist, you do always have the option to simply edit the source too!

Configuration documentation

Many supported DB engines

Instance owners have complete control over which DBMS software they use as a backend to Fosscord.

Database documentation


Fosscord has a number of security features built in, such as instance-wide user rights. Rights are kind of like guild member permissions, except for the entire instance, for example the right to send messages or to create bot accounts.

Rights documentation

E2E Encryption

We believe communication should be private. End to End Encryption is a planned, core feature of Fosscord, and will allow users to truly trust that their privacy, and private information is kept from prying eyes. It should be noted that, without client support for this feature, you will be unable to send/receive encrypted messages.

Tracker Compatibility

Fosscord aims to be 100% compatible with existing clients, bots, and other services, as well as any that appear in the future. This allows a smooth transition from to a Fosscord instance. With this goal also comes complete feature parity between and Fosscord. We aim to have all features implemented within Fosscord, as well as additional features and configurability given to our users.

Server Plugins

Through Fosscord server plugins, instance owners will be able to easily extend and add new features to their instances.


Voice and Video

Voice and Video support on Fosscord is in active development, but may take a while longer.


Much more!

This is by no means a complete list of features, planned or completed, that the team behind Fosscord wishes to implement. We already have a large number of features implemented and working using existing clients, and have no plans on stopping.

Contribute now!

Currently, Fosscord is in development, with 30 active members. If Fosscord is interesting to you, we heavily recommend checking out any of the community instances, the documentation or the GitHub repositories. We would highly appreciate any and all support.