Fosscord is still a work in progress. If you're an advanced user, read the Documentation for a guide on how to get started.


For better and secure communication

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About Fosscord

Fosscord is a free and open source program compatible with Discord. It's an in development chat, voice and video platform similar to Slack and

Contribute now!

Currently, Fosscord is still in development, and may or may not release in the future. In total, 30 developers are working on this project. Feel free to check out the documentation or the GitHub repositories. We would highly appreciate any and all support.


We believe that anyone should be able to configure their own instance exactly to their needs. That's why the instance admin can change nearly every default value in the database without changing the source code.


We believe that anyone should have the option to host their own instance without any restrictions. Through the guide on our documentation, anyone can host their own Fosscord instance.


We believe that a central approach leads to a single point of failure and abuse of power. That’s why Fosscord will implement a decentralized architecture, and allow future clients to be able to connect to multiple servers simultaneously. However, Fosscord instances are currently centralised, although you may connect to as many as you want.

Free & Open Source

We believe that the best way to make a software is to make it follow the GPL principles and let everyone contribute to it. Additionally we represent a libre position so that anyone can do whatever they want with Fosscord as long as you publish all changes under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.


We believe that communication should be private and no third party should be able to intercept and read the content of it. Hence, we plan on adding an end-to-end encryption based on Message Layer Security.


Publically audited, open source software allows users to verify the operation of a Fosscord server, and allows the community to quickly disclose and discuss potential issues related to not just security, but all issues related to Fosscord.


We believe data privacy is a human right. All data collection in Fosscord is opt-in, and disabled by default. Currently, these options are instance-wide, however we plan to allow users of individual instances to control how this is used in their client.

Discord compatible

We believe that to create a successful communication platform that users will migrate to either need a large user base or a unique selling point. We have both features by customizing the client however you like and being backwards compatible to discord, which means you can use the client to communicate with all friends who are "still" using and also connect to other Fosscord servers.

Why develop Fosscord?

  • Discord prohibits client modifications
  • Fosscord is free and open source, as opposed to Discord.
  • Discord is a private service, which introduces privacy concerns. Fosscord allows you to control the data on your instances.
  • The Discord desktop client makes use of Electron, which is typically resource hungry